The Book

Not All Drama Happens Onstage

We’ve all heard a million stories about performers and directors, but no one ever talks about the crew. And that’s how Emma usually likes it, dressed in black and working in the dark. But when the Northwest Ohio Community Theatre asks her to take on the demanding role of stage manager for their upcoming production of The Importance of Being Earnest, it just might be her calling.

She’s already in over her head, when a financial scandal throws the play into chaos and threatens the future of the organization. Abandoned by her mentor, she must now learn on her own, juggling diva actors, crumbling resources, and a relentless deadline. Great shows depend on so much more than what the audience sees, and if Emma fails at this one, her new friends might lose the only creative outlet they have.

A Real Part of the Show is an inside look at the artists who don’t seek applause, and a love letter to the true magic of theater.