Remember NBC’s Smash? No? I’m not surprised.

Smash was a show about a Broadway musical, that premiered in February of 2012. It ended up as an embarrassing flop, but the pilot was pretty good. The road to my novel started during a conversation between me and Brad, after we watched it.

I was kind of annoyed, and I said, why are people always making stories about boring old actors and writers and directors? The crew is way more interesting. Someone should make a TV show about the crew!

And my husband looked me right in the eye, and said, yeah. Maybe someone should. And I thought, huh. Maybe someone will.

At first it was just a thought experiment. What would a show like that even look like, and who would be the characters? Then I had a bunch of ideas, and got excited about it. I would watch this show, I thought. How do you get someone to let you make a show?

Turns out you don’t, but I didn’t properly appreciate that until Pitchfest. More on that later.


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