It started as a pilot script

After my husband basically dared me, I couldn’t stop thinking about how to write a TV show about a theater crew. I built up this whole picture in my head. The main plot would be inspired by that crazy first time I stage managed, when I had no idea what I was doing and everything was falling apart around me. The characters could be all the different types of people you meet in theater. There could be a subplot with a love triangle, based on how I met Brad. I really liked it.

It kicked around inside me for about a year and a half, until I decided to research making it happen. I found this thing called Pitchfest, in California, which is kind of like speed dating for aspiring screenwriters. They bring a bunch of producers into a huge ballroom, and you have 10 minutes to pitch your idea. If they like you, they’ll ask to see a script. It was a giant longshot, but I wanted to try.

I was too late for that year’s event, which was just as well, because it took me the whole year to write a pilot script. Brad even invited a bunch of our actor friends to come over and read it for me. Then, in June of 2014, I got on a plane by myself to Burbank, and reached for my dreams.

To be continued…


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