One of the Best Shows Ever

Most of my theatre stories in the book and on this blog are about things that went wrong or people who were difficult, because stories where everything goes great aren’t that interesting. But I don’t want you to think that stage managing is always a pain in the ass, because it’s not. I wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t bring me joy.

So for that reason, and because it’s Christmas, I’m going to give a shout-out to the wonderful cast and crew of Leading LadiesĀ in January 2010, and again in August of 2010.

The show wasn’t without its problems, because none of them are, but this particular group clicked in a special way. We all just really enjoyed each other, and worked well together, and had a great time. I think the audience felt it, too, because ticket sales were amazing. When the Rep asked us to get back together that summer for a special fundraising revival, everyone said an immediate yes. One of the actors even threw a party at his house for us to brush up on lines.

After we finished the final performance and struck the set, the sweetest thing happened. Everyone gathered on the empty stage to ask if anything else needed to be done, and I told them no, you can all go home now. Then no one left. We just stood around, chatting, not wanting the experience to end. No one said it out loud, we all just felt it, together.

Eventually we had to break it up and go home, but I think we all look back on it as one of our favorite shows.


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